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NTL expands to institutional segment
New Delhi, 24 Jun 2013

The LED lighting segment is growing at a very fast pace and that is largely due to the cost savings it offers homes and corporate. And, to grab a larger share of this market, NTL Electronics India is expanding its focus to the institutional segment. This company commenced operations in 1993 and entered the lighting segment in 2002, and has an annual turnover of Rs 675 crore. In a candid conversation with Neha Singh, Arun Gupta, Global CEO, NTL Lemnis shares their growth strategy.
Neha Singh (NS): Kindly share your insights on the LED industry?
Arun Gupta (AG): McKinsey in a recent report has forecast that 70% of the global lighting industry will be LED based by 2020, and the key user segments would be hospitality, retail and residential. In India, the market is still at a nascent stage and it would reach about Rs 8000 crore over the next five years, and we are aiming for a five per cent market share.
NS: Kindly share your strategy for the institutional segment?
AG: We are currently focussing on the retail, IT, hospitality and healthcare sectors, given the energy intensive nature of their business and the need to find cost savings for them. As part of this business strategy we are planning to take part in several industry specific conferences and trade fairs, coupled with a suitable social media strategy.
NS: Your expansion plans?
AG: We have a dedicated facility for LED products and we are planning another one in Bihar, specifically for street lighting.