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Light Years Ahead
Vir Arjun
New Delhi, 25 Oct 2015

Lighting has moved beyond illumination now and plays a crucial role in defining the entire ambience, both in interior and exterior spaces. It has become an important factor that influences not only everyday operations, but also occupants’ comfort and productivity. Specifically, for interiors, lighting can work very well to highlight and draw focus to any particular element. Consumers, today, treat their homes as a retreat and, therefore, like to be in control of the ambience which suits their moods, personalities and occasions. Harsh Chitale, CEO, Philips Lighting - South Asia, states, “Apart from interiors, lighting design enhances the aesthetic value of a building; radiating class. For instance, Philips takes great pride in enhancing the look of the iconic and heritage properties across the world. In India, Philips has revamped [the look of] The Gateway of India and as well as the India Gate.”

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