About Us

A legacy of elegance with intelligence

We are getting to be recognized as the modern innovators. We strive to reinforce this in every aspect of our working. When we started in 1992, we had a vision of manufacturing reliable solutions in different product domains, centered around sustaining our environment with the development of innovative & energy efficient lighting solutions. Our manufacturing acumen has helped us focus on innovation, robustness and durability element of lighting. The diverse range of lighting solutions for home, commercial and other verticals are trusted for reliability and sturdiness. We have attained the position of being the amongst the leading manufacturing company of lighting electronics in the world outside China. The journey has brought us among the center stage of consumer lifestyle and has got us to where we stand unchallenged in terms of technological superiority and design appeal.

Pharox LED Bulb

We pioneered LED technology and set global standards to meet the highest expectations of very aware consumer. We have worked to inculcate these attributes in all functions of our working. Whether it is the sales or R&D, we emphasize on the delivery to the consumer an experience of delight with intelligence & elegance.
Our Product development aims to deliver the elegance at first sight with each of our products. When consumers experience the products, they appreciate the intelligence in the lighting solutions whether it is in terms of the savings or the light delivery.
Our JV with Lemnis in 2012 catapulted us on to the global stage as a company that is looked at for the finest production facilities, finest R&D and the finest manner of product delivery around the world.

LED Bulb

Our brand Pharox is leading the change with its range of LED luminaires. With the cutting edge modern technology we offer products that are not only energy efficient, but also eco-friendly with a distinct aesthetic appeal.
Our global leadership is because of the intelligence we have acquired by understanding the science & art of lighting and engaging our expertise in electronics of LED lighting, and making sure that Pharox performs optimally even in severe operating conditions. Reason enough for us to claim leadership position in many markets already and a beginning to take small steps in the Middle East Countries.